Steckbrief Declan Forde


wo geboren/aufgewachsen:
Glasgow, Schottland

seit wann in Berlin:
Juni 2014

wo studiert:

Leeds College of Music, England (graduated 2013)
eigene Bandprojekte:
I’m very fortunate to be involved in a number of projects at this current moment. Over the last few years the groups ‚The Far East Trio‘ and ‚The Good Old Good Ones‘ have been gigging regularly around Berlin. I play in duo with great American bassist Greg Cohen, and we have been looking specifically at music from Duke Ellington under the name ‚Unknown Ellington‘. I work a lot with my close friend and bassist James Banner and we are fortunate to present a monthly series of concerts at Donau115 under the name ‚Practically Married‘. Each month will feature a different special guest. I’m also looking forward to recording later this year with Tobias Delius, James Banner and Max Andrzejewski – all music written by Herbie Nichols to celebrate his Jubilee year in 2019.

meine erste Jazzplatte:

There are too many … Piano Reflections by Duke Ellington…if I have to pick just one.
eine Jazzplatte, die jeder hören sollte:

Barry Harris – Live at the Jazz Workshop
Lieblingsjazzclub (in Berlin oder anderswo):

Donau115 – it was my favourite club when I moved here, and I’m very lucky to be involved so regularly these days. Niklas, Fred and Chad (the three owners) plus Lisa and everyone else who works there have been overly kind and encouraging to me in the last four years and I can’t thank them enough.

Mehr Informationen zu Declan Forde auf seiner website.
Foto: ©Dovile Sermokas

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