Steckbrief Julie Sassoon


wo geboren:
Manchester (England)

seit wann in Berlin:
on and off since 2009

wo studiert:
I studied music and art (painting) at Lancaster University and then postgraduate studies in Jazz piano (with Nikki Isles) and Indian violin (with Dharambir Singh) at Leeds College of Music.

eigene Bandprojekte:
Julie Sassoon Quartet, Willi Kellers/Julie Sassoon Duo, Inside Colours Duo, Sassoon/Thiele Duo

erste Jazzplatte, die für mich wichtig war:
Weather Report, „Black Market“

eine Jazzplatte, die jeder hören sollte:
I find it such a difficult question!!!!
I had to make a decision––so for TODAY I decided on

Kenny Wheeler, „Music For Large And Small Ensemble“
and I also love…
Marc Johnson (with Bill Frisell & John Scofield), „Bass Desires“

But now I’ve just listened to a bit of „Sol do Meio Dia“ by Egberto Gismonti––which I haven’t listened to for years its so wonderful but I can’t decide on which album of his is the best.

mein Lieblings-Jazzclub (in Berlin oder anderswo):
Bimhuis (Amsterdam)

Mehr Informationen zu Julie Sassoon auf ihrer website.

Über Bettina Bohle 152 Artikel
Studium der Musikwissenschaft, Gräzistik, Philosophie in Glasgow, Greifswald, Padua, London Promotion in Antiker Philosophie an der FU Berlin kulturpolitisch aktiv in der IG Jazz Berlin und der Koalition der Freien Szene
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