Steckbrief Liz Kosak

Synthesizer / keyboards

wo geboren:
Yarmouth, Maine (USA)

seit wann in Beriln:

wo studiert:
USA: Maine Jazz Camp, William Paterson University
Jazz Institut Berlin

eigene Bandprojekte:
RRR, VAX, The Liz, Sunrise Over a Dystopic Future City, The Hero of Warchester, SPOILER, Swiss Army Wife, (others.)

erste Jazzplatte, die für mich wichtig war:
The Bill Evans Album – which featured Bill on Rhodes. At first I didn’t know what it was, it was just some magical sound. Then I discovered my high school had one and I kidnapped it and was totally in love.
But that wasn’t the most important record… the most important was Science Fiction. My friend Sam Caldwell told me to check it out. He said „It will change your life.“ I took that as hyperbole, then found a double LP in the college library (other disc was „Skies of America.“ and proceeded to have my life changed.

eine Jazzplatte, die jeder hören sollte:
Well, as I am now reminded, I would fondly recommend „Science Fiction“, or maybe „Eternity“ or „Transfiguration“ by Alice Coltrane. But, and I’m not sure about how the wording of this question is in German, I feel pretty strongly that there is no record that one „should“ listen to. 🙂

mein Lieblings-Jazzclub (in Berlin oder anderswo):
NYC: The Village Vanguard. It was the first club I stumbled into when i went to NY, happening upon Kurt Rosenwinkel’s quartet just after having studied with Ethan Iverson up at MJC. He was still in it at the time… i remember recognizing Jeff Ballard’s face from my new copy of Chick Corea’s The New Trio album, ha. So many thrills –  I also saw The Bad Plus debut there, etc.  Later on, after I once spent a week straight on the guest list madly soaking in (and bootlegging) Bill McHenry’s quintet (with Paul Motian, Andrew D’Angelo, Ben Steet, Duane Eubanks,) Alan, who worked the door, would let me in for free on tuesdays or thursdays. Then I would pop in a lot for Paul’s bands, Cecil Taylor a couple times, etc. etc.

Berlin: The Sweatshop. Now Defunct, it was a crazy basement room underneath the also now defunct Ma Thilda. A former bunker turned bowling alley, Addi Ahmad and Sergei Klein used to curate secret(ish) shows after the main acts upstairs, starting around midnight. And cook soup. It only lasted a couple months… maybe three? But it was easily the best times I’ve had playing in Berlin. Legendary. I was introduced to the whole thing by Sam Hall- who set up a couple night stint there with me and guitarist Ysk …. ask Tom Arthurs about that. 🙂 Then a couple shows with RRR, followed by VAX’s epic European premiere of our chainsaw piece… also two nights in a row, so rare. And SO fun/intense.  (There were a lot of shows in those months…) Then it died.

honorable mentions to other dead favorite clubs: Miss Hecker, Salon Tippel. Not helpful, I know. Oh no, did I make this about nostalgia? Sowieso is still alive! It’s great.

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